Herrlof packages all sent

For all our Kickstarter backers,

We are happy to announce that the final packages have left the warehouse of our logistics partner in Hong Kong. Communication was somewhat difficult with them, but it turns out they managed to ship out the final packages last Friday.

Dependent on your location, most packages should arrive this week and some next week. Due to longer transit times for some countries it can take a couple of weeks in some instances, like Chile and Brazil.It looks like the originally planned non-tracked shipping option was not yet available for quite a few countries, meaning that some of you will have already automatically received tracking numbers. Should you wonder if your package is tracked, don’t hesitate to send us a message via Kickstarter. That way we can check the system and send you a direct link, a comment will not work though as we can’t click through to your information when you post a comment.

Board Game Geek
We are of course very curious what you’ll think of the game when you play it, and would like to get onto the Board Game Geek ratings system… So if you have a BGG account (or would like to make one), please do enter a rating on the Herrlof page (found here).

Dutch local pick up
With most Dutch local pick up backers we’ve now arranged a location and a moment, or they have already picked up their game(s). Today and tomorrow we’re reaching out to the final few and we’ll arrange their pickup as well.

Nominated for Dutch Toy of the Year 2020
A final bit of news: we sent our production test copy to the Dutch Toy of the Year 2020 competition and are proud to announce that we have been nominated with Herrlof for this award. In September and October we’ll need to get as many votes as possible, and yes: it will be possible to help us by voting even if you don’t live in the Netherlands. We’ll get back to you with more information in September.

Thank you again for supporting us and should you want to keep up to date with the smaller progress, do follow our Facebook page and our Instagram page, or sign up to our newsletter on jollydutch.com.

Keep on playing!
Alexander and Arnold

Herrlof packages all sent

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