Herrlof is a 2-player Viking trick taking game where players predict how many tricks they will win in a round of 15 cards, however the opponents do not see each other’s predictions. The players then battle for 15 tricks using cards in four different colors ranging from 1 to 9, where the 1, 3, 6 and 9 have special powers. These special powers range from receiving a new card, to stealing a trick from the opponent.

In addition to these numbered cards, there are three Valknut-rune cards that destroy a trick and three Hagalaz-rune cards that make you lose a trick. After all 15 tricks in a round have been played, both players reveal their predictions. Players receive 1 point per trick, additionally they earn 10 bonus points for a correct prediction and 5 bonus points if they only won 3 or 4 tricks.

Herrlof was launched on Kickstarter on January 7th 2020, with the campaign ending on February 4th. The campaign was supported by 904 backers pledging €13.287, thereby allowing Jolly Dutch to produce the game.

*Current status* The game is in production, we expect to receive it in April/May