Frequently Asked Questions about Chartered: The Golden Age

Questions on the game rules:

  • When starting a new enterprise, should all warehouses stay clear of the bufferzone around existing enterprises? -> Yes, the headquarters as well as the ‘free’ warehouses should remain outside the bufferzone.
  • Are the headquarters of an enterprise already a second floor and can I build more levels on them? -> Yes, the headquarters immediately function as a second floor, meaning you can add a third floor to it. However, to ensure the stickered headquarter warehouse remains on top, you add the floors at the bottom rather than the top to ensure you can always place your flag in the top one.
  • Am I allowed to sell and buy stocks in the same turn after building? -> Yes, if you’ve built a warehouse you are able to trade up to two stocks. This means you can buy two, sell two, or buy one and sell one.

Practicalities on the game itself:

  • My game isn’t in English (or French, or German, or Dutch), have I received the wrong edition? -> All games are language independent, you only have the names of the enterprises and the stock market that have text on them. These names are the old Dutch names used for the relevant product/resource back in the Dutch golden age. So all games have this thematic naming and only the rule book (and the game box) are in specific languages.
  • I’m missing parts, or my game arrived damaged, or there are misprints in my game, what should I do? -> Please send a photo and message to info@jollydutch.com so we can sort it out.
  • Does it matter which sticker is put on which headquarter? -> No, there is no difference in headquarters. The numbers on the headquarters are just for easy communication if one is missing or damaged.
  • My stickers are too long, what should I do? -> Due to the cutting error margin of the producer (of 2mm), the stickers in some games are up to 2mm too long. The best way to deal with this is to put the sticker on the headquarters and then take a small pair of scissors and cut off the excess sticker.
  • There are three empty cards in the box, what are these for? -> These are purely for replacement if you lose or damage one of the other cards. They have no function in the game otherwise.

For any other questions, please reach out to us on info@jollydutch.com or via our Facebook page.