Hot Potato!


Make your Potatoes face threatening Encounters and come out victorious.

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Hot Potato! is a game that’s – you guessed it – all about potatoes. Hot Potato! is a quick card game where each player uses one of their six Potatoes to defeat threatening Encounters, such as a Bold Beetle or a Nasty Knife. Each Encounter has its own characteristics where a certain Potato will have a benefit over the others.

How does it work?
1) All players play a Potato card facedown and simultaneously reveal it.
2) An Encounter card is drawn.
3) The Encounter card shows which Potato is best suited for this Encounter and therefore wins a point.
4) All ‘loser(s)’ may use their Potato effects. They are generally an advantage for the next round. However, if Rambotato fired the Hot Potato at a player or a player still has it, that player is banned from using effects.
The first player to 10 points wins the game.

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