Chartered: The Golden Age


Try to become Amsterdam’s wealthiest merchant!

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Chartered: The Golden Age is a 2-6 player board game that immerses you into Amsterdam’s Golden Age, challenging you to become the wealthiest merchant of the city by building and buying your way to riches.

You are establishing your first warehouses in Amsterdam, contributing to the city that will grow to become the wealthiest city of its time in the western world. You buy building cards to found chartered enterprises and purchase stock in them. Throughout the game you expand these enterprises, increasing their stock value and ultimately increasing your wealth. Enterprises merge to accelerate their growth and add floors to their warehouses to easily gain value. You will aim to block enterprises in which you don’t have stocks but might be forced to help them grow. Buy the right stocks and build the right warehouses to put you on your way to profit and to victory.

The game has a healthy mix of luck elements and strategy. Chartered is easy to learn but hard to master, ensuring you can quickly play it and try numerous strategies. With its double-sided board, it is adaptable for small groups of two and three players but also for four to six players.