Chartered: The Golden Age - Historic context

Jolly Dutch Productions chose the Dutch Golden Age theme for Chartered as we believe the era fits economic building game systems such as this one. The Dutch Golden Age roughly spans the 17th century and brought immense wealth to the Dutch Republic, starting an economic boom in Amsterdam and the Dutch Republic. However, we do want to highlight that this development had a dark side. Many of the Dutch merchants who became rich through trade with far-flung countries were ruthless, even cut-throat businessmen. Literally. Some wiped out entire villages to get what they wanted.

There is an ongoing debate in the Netherlands on our colonial past, where the country is finding a balance between celebrating our history and recognising dark pages in it.

We are not historians ourselves and refer to the Dutch National Museum for some historic context. Please find the Dutch timeline here. Please find information on Amsterdam's Prosperity here. Please find information on Dutch trade in the East here, and trade in the West here.